ROMTEC AUSTRIA established an integrated system of environmental quality management, according to SR EN ISO 9001:2015, SR EN ISO 14001:2015, and SR OHSAS 18001:2007, all described in the Environmental Quality Management Manual.

By implementing and maintaining the integrated system of quality and environment, the high management is obliged to guarantee for:

  • The conformity with the law in force and other requirements connected with the environment aspects of ROMTEC AUSTRIA
  • Permanent improving of integrated system of environmental quality management and pollution prevention.

Quality Objectives:

  •  Consolidation of our present position and winning new markets by delivering high quality products that satisfy our customers’ requirements and expectations,
  • Raising competitiveness of our products using new technologies and equipments,
  • Improving professional abilities of our employees.

Environmental Objectives:

  • Efficient use of raw materials and other utilities in manufacturing process,
  • Safe and responsible elimination of  waste products,
  • Improving quality of environmental factories by measuring them and applying the required measures.
  • The objectives established by this politics are accomplished by defining the specific objectives of quality within the Programme of Improving the System of Quality Management and by defining the environmental targets within the Environmental Management Program. In order to accomplish the environment and quality objectives we allocate material, financial and human resources. The environmental and quality objectives are   periodically analysed by high management in order to assure their accomplishment.

The authority and responsibility for establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving the Environmental Quality Management Integrated System are delegated to the Quality-Environment Department Responsible which is subordinated directly to the General Manager. The high management assures that the Environmental Quality Integrated System will be communicated and posted up at the work places.

The Environmental Quality Management Manual provisions, as well as the other documents of the environmental quality management integrated system must be known, assimilated and put into practice by the entire personnel of  ROMTEC AUSTRIA.

Date: 12.06.2017


Cod PC 01; Ed. 3/Rev. 4 (updated on site on October 24, 2018)