The production capacity of ROMTEC AUSTRIA allows us to develop as well packaging activities for thirds.

If you have an exceptional formula, a range of products that you want to condition in the most modern and original types of package, turn trustingly to our company.

Our professionals will come with optimal solutions for your necessities.

The new production line for sprays filling, pressuring and wrapping.

The new production line for sprays filling, pressuring and wrapping.

The instalation for demineralized water (2m3/hour).

The instalation for demineralized water (2m3/hour).

“Private label” products made by ROMTEC AUSTRIA for Rompetrol, Cora, Carrefour, Lidl etc

“Private label” products made by ROMTEC AUSTRIA for Rompetrol, Cora, Carrefour, Lidl etc

Stand-up bag packaging

This is the most modern type of package used on the international market. Their main advantages are:

  • They are extremely light, using 5 times less plastic material than rigid volumetric packages;
  • They are extremely resistant to mechanical efforts, abiding weights of over 2 tones, in spite of their fragile aspect;
  • They require transport fees 20 times smaller (that implies implicitly the carburant consume reduction, so the toxic emissions in the atmosphere);
  • They implies very small deposit costs;
  • After consuming the product the package (become a remnant) occupies a volume 200 times smaller than a conventional one (becoming practically as thin as a sheet of paper);
  • This kind of packages has an extremely high market potential, being considered the most expressive packages worldwide for the moment due to their unlimited possibilities of printing, to the adopted dimensions and forms.

All these arguments lead to the idea that companies that use for their products such packages have a special preoccupation for the environment, for decreasing the pollution, for the huge costs related t the remnants administration, for shortening the natural resources discharge, (Shell, Agip, Henkel, Benkisser, Erdal, Nigrin, etc). The public opinion, becoming aware of this preoccupation, started to prefer especially products packed in such way, to contribute to the realisation of the international goals regarding the protection of the environment.

ROMTEC AUSTRIA installations can bottle products in bags between 500 and 5.000 ml, having different chemical compositions and consistencies (detergents, shampoos, soaps, oils, cooling liquids, cleaners, abstergents, and many more).

Sprays produced and packaged by ROMTEC AUSTRIA

Aerosols produced and packaged by ROMTEC AUSTRIA

Aerosols manufacturing (sprays)

Aerosols manufacturing represents the second major activity within ROMTEC AUSTRIA. The company’s installation assures the realisation of any kind of product, to any dimension (diameter/height) and tube capacity (from 75 to 1.000 ml), in accordance with the regulations the Aerosols European Federation (AEF).

We can bottle technical products (finishing paints, marking paints, cleaners, mechanical and car service stations products, etc), domestic products (polishes, cleaners, insecticide, odorizing products, etc), cosmetic products, pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical products, nutritional products, and many more.

All you have to do is to contact and tell us what you would like to pack in aerosol or in stand-up bag and our specialists will provide you the best and the most money saver solutions.